A Diverse Community

Fostering Growth & Academic Accomplishments

At AmeriMont Academy, we strive to be a diverse community of students, parents, and staff, dedicated to creating a peaceful and loving environment. Our students are empowered and inspired to reach their full academic, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential. We are preparing our students to be responsible citizens, good workers, and positive family members.
Our Advantages:
  • ALL Credentialed Teachers – Our team is passionate about your child exceeding their developmental milestones. They provide a nurturing educational environment enriched with technology, freedom to explore, and unique instruction.
  • Technology – Our digital curriculum represents the highest quality available and incorporates the latest research on brain-based learning. We incorporate personalized learning utilizing technology like iPads, Chromebooks, and SMART boards.
  • Multiple Pedagogy – The art of teaching goes beyond simply understanding the content, but also being able to convey knowledge and skills in ways that students can understand, remember and apply.
  • Advanced Grade Level Instruction – Intellectually gifted and academically talented students can learn material rapidly and understand concepts deeply. Keeping them challenged and learning to their capacity is a precedence at AMA.
  • Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, 2 times/week and Music, Art, STEM and Physical Education weekly.
  • Intimate Campus – AMA families and staff work together to create a welcoming environment that leads to increased student achievement. Our small environment allows us to know eve ry family well and they truly become AMA family members!
1st grade reading Lego collaboration TK small group


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  • Exciting and Academic Summer Programs Available
  • Credentialed Teacher in Every Elementary Classroom
  • Safe and Secure Campuses
  • Integration of Technology into the Classroom
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Spanish/Chinese Instruction 2 Times a Week
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • Small Class Sizes